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Get closer to nature and live the most exciting adventures in the Amazon jungle of Tambopata in Peru, visiting one of the most beautiful lakes in the world: Lake Huitoto

we offer experiences

Connect with nature


We are lucky to be a refuge and habitat for more than 170 species of endemic and migratory birds


We have safe trekking routes where your photo camera will be your best ally.

Enchanted island

In the middle of our beloved Lake Huitoto we find an imposing island full of life. 

Sport fishing

Have a great time and live a fun experience fishing piranhas and other species in Lake Huitoto.

Exotic flowers and plants

In this natural paradise you will find the most beautiful and exotic plants and flowers in the world

Wildlife viewing

The purity of this place makes us house different species of monkeys, alligators, deer and more.

Lake Huitoto

Located in the province of TAMBOPATA, in the Region Madre de Dios, Huitoto is an exclusive lake within the Huitoto Lake Lodge concession.

In this heavenly place we can see an immense biodiversity of birds such as macaws, white heron, needle ducks and other emblematic species such as the jaguar, the sachavaca, the huangana, the sajino, the red deer, river wolves, the black alligator, among others.

With your visit you help us to continue to protect this beautiful lake and all the biodiversity it houses.

Lago Huitoto


Facilities - Take a look at our Ecolodge in the middle of the jungle Our facilities are eco-made ...
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Tourist packages

Tour Packages - We offer all-inclusive tour packages for nature and animal lovers, eco-tourists and ...
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Live ecotourism

Why with us?

away from the city and people

Stay away from traditional tourism and crowds of people, live unique experiences in this natural paradise that makes up Lake Huitoto and the surrounding rain forest.

We have a SANITARY protocol

Being in the middle of the jungle, far from the city, we have been lucky to have no cases of Covid-19 infections. However, we have developed a sanitation protocol for the safety of all our future guests.

We conserve and protect a natural area

We are protectors of Lake Huitoto and the jungle that surrounds it, the conservation of these natural resources is our priority. We keep away illegal mining and poachers who pose a danger to this place. With your visit you help us to continue protecting this natural paradise

High quality service

We provide a high quality service so that guests have unforgettable experiences and enjoy nature at its best.

Tourists photos in Huitoto LAKE LODGE, TAMBOPATA


Best destination in Tambopata area Our experience in Huitoto lake lodge was just incredible. Lost in the jungle with no other tourists than the small group you are with. For us it meant only our guide, the host and her daughters, and the cooker and her daughters too. We enjoyed this little paradise in the jungle very much. As a photographer I have enjoyed the calm and the variety of wildlife.There are so many birds around the lake and monkeys and otters. these few days past there were way to short and I am looking forward to visit again soon. Thank you for protecting this place. I can only recommend everyone to go there, you will help safe the area and you will not be disappointed with the nature all around.
Annie PZ
Annie PZ
The best way to disconnect and connect at the same time We were at Huitoto Lake Lodge for 3 days and was the best decision for discovering the jungle of Madre de Dios. They pick you up from the airport or bus station and brought to the lodge, it has their on natural reserve full of wild life. If you have the chance to travel to this city, I recommend 1000% this place.
Milton Jimenez
Milton Jimenez
Huitoto Lake Lodge uno de los últimos lagos y aguajales intactos cerca del rio Madre de Dios en la Amazonía Peruana Mientras otros lo ven por Discovery Channel o NatGeo, prefiero vivirlo en persona.... lo visito con frecuencia; pues, es el unico lugar que conozco en que puedes observar los guacamayos desde la comodidad de tu habitacion.
Magnificent experience! Visiting HUITOTO Lake Lodge is something you will never forget! Far away from huge tourist numbers, you will get a private experience in a beautiful area in the jungle. Sailing with only the locals to the spot on the river Madre de Dios. The lodge is located at the Huitoto lake, a beautiful and quiet spot, only the animals and we. Our hostess Flor gave us a warm welcome, together with the lady chef and the captain of the ‘catamaran’. They offered us great hospitality with tasty meals. Breakfast on the ‘catamaran’ in the middle of the lake, walks in the bush, spotting monkeys and otters, parrots and other birds and a lot of small animals, magnificent! Our English guide Joselo Barazorda learned us a lot about wildlife and helped us to make beautiful pictures, being a wildfotographer as well. He was great! Fishing for piranha’s was the big event for the evening. Huitoto lake lodge was a big, valuable experience!
María del Pilar R
María del Pilar R
Visita a Tambopata Es un lugar muy bonito, la Selva peruana es lo mejor del mundo mundial. Puedes vivir la naturaleza muy de cerca, y reencontrarte con la vida. Recomiendo mucho hospedarse en este lugar, vives muy de cerca la Selva peruana.


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