Bird watching or sighting is an activity that has gained a lot of popularity and has grown quite a bit in recent years. Peru has positioned itself as one of the main references for developing the activity due to the large number of bird species that can be found in the Peruvian territory.

Huitoto Lake Lodge is presented as a great option for bird watching and contact with nature. In all safety you will be able to observe birds of all kinds in our nature reserve. Our all inclusive packages they are a great alternative for our tourists who love birds and nature. 

If you are a birdwatching lover, this place is ideal for you. You will find all kinds of exotic birds, of all colors and sizes. Huitoto Lake Lodge is located in the middle of the tropical jungle in Tambopata (Peru). The location of the ecolodge is wonderful and allows us to appreciate a large number of endemic and migratory birds. A study by the ACCA (Association for the Conservation of the Amazon Basin) gave us the scope of the number of bird species that inhabit this Nature Reserve. There are more than 170 species of birds that inhabit the area, the most representative are the Macaw, the White Heron, the Toucan, the Cocoi Heron, the Shanshos and many more species.

Exploring the jungle, observing and taking photos of the birds has never been so easy and beautiful, book separate your stay and live an incredible experience at Huitoto Lake Lodge.

Birdwatching images at Huitoto Lake Lodge (Tambopata)

Below is a photo gallery of birds recorded in the Huitoto Lake nature reserve. You can also enjoy this incredible experience.

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