Jungle Walk

Hiking is an activity that more and more people enjoy doing. Hiking, walking through the countryside or mountains with beautiful landscapes is a reason for relaxation. But Can you imagine a trekking through the jungle? It is simply a different experience that connects you with nature like you have never imagined before.

At Huitoto Lake Lodge we have two wonderful routes: Aguajal Trekking and Lupuna Trekking. These impressive routes are for nature lovers, on the tour you can see various species of exotic plants, medicinal plants, animals, insects, aguajales and giant trees. 

Tourists do the tours with special trekking boots that the lodge provides. A good camera is essential to record the route and the incredible things you can find.

An incredible experience where day is one route and night is another, we made both tours so that you can appreciate the different experience of touring the night jungle with the creatures of the night that take over the road.

EXCURSIONS through the Amazon jungle in Huitoto (Tambopata)

This is a photo gallery of the trekking and hiking in the middle of the jungle that Huitoto Lake Lodge offers to their guests. 

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