Lago Huitoto

Lake Huitoto

It is one of the largest and most beautiful lakes in Peru and in the world. Our beloved Lake Huitoto is without a doubt the most valuable attraction we have. It is the reason for the amount of biodiversity of flora and fauna species that we find in the area. This makes us a Nature Reserve. As the lake is part of the Huitoto Lake Lodge concession, it is exclusively for our guests and tourists who decide to spend a few days in the jungle and do tourism in a different and sustainable way. The harmony and peace that the lake transmits is something unique. Receiving the sunset from the lake leaves beautiful postcards and observing the formation of the stars is a wonderful thing. Likewise, sailing the lake at night is an amazing experience that complements day sailing very well.

Among the species that live in the lake are alligators that we can see during the day hovering around certain parts of the lake and at night we can detect them due to the brightness of their eyes. The river wolves are the protagonists of the day, we can find them in the middle of a banquet after hunting fish.

Biodiversity in the Lake

We have an impressive biodiversity that reflects the importance of this wonderful place. Technical studies carried out by the NGO Conservación Amazónica ACCA determined a range of species that inhabit Lake Huitoto and its surroundings and the importance of its environmental values:

 More than 540 species of flora
 More than 170 species of birds
 27 species between amphibians and reptiles
 74 species of fish
 29 species of mammals
 6 types of forests

Environmental Values
 Collection and filtration of water.
 Mitigation of the effects of climate change.
 Generation of oxygen and assimilation of various pollutants.
 Protection of biodiversity.
 Carbon Capture.  
 Wildlife refuge.
 Scenic beauty.
 Bio trade.

Fotos del lago huitoto

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