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We offer all-inclusive tour packages for nature and animal lovers, eco tourists and bird watchers , this is an ideal place and a natural paradise to disconnect from the world and appreciate the beauty of animals, forests, vegetation and the beautiful Lake Huitoto. The well-being and enjoyment of our guests is our priority. We are located in the heart of the Amazon jungle in Tambopata Peru. 

Price per person.

01. Tour

Expedition 3D/2N -
usd $ 499

Unforgettable experience where you will enjoy the biodiversity of this natural reserve, sailing the lake and knowing the charms of the Amazon rainforest. Trying and enjoying our delicious gastronomy made with local supplies.

Explore deep into the Tambopata jungle.

Paquetes turísticos todo incluido
Paquetes turísticos todo incluido
02. Tour

Adventure 4D/3N -
usd $ 599

Immerse yourself in the depths of the nocturnal jungle along with an immense diversity of species that you can meet and help us conserve. Live the ecotourism adventure like never before, a trip that will remain in your memory and in your heart.

Live a unique experience in this exciting adventure 

03. Tour

Nature 5D/4N -
USD $ 669

Disconnect from the conventional world and embark on this natural journey surrounded by the purest nature in the heart of the Amazon jungle, where you can see countless species of birds, as well as reptiles, insects, mammals and more. Enjoy the beautiful landscapes and the best postcards that this natural paradise gives us.

Discover nature at its best

Paquetes turísticos todo incluido