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We met this beautiful place more than 25 years ago. In the year 2000 we asked for the concession to develop ecotourism so we can conserve the flora and fauna that hosts lake Huitoto. 

With the support of the Norwegian government through the NGO Conservación Amazónica - ACCA we have been trained to use very effective technological tools to protect the lake from informal mining and illegal hunters. 

As a result of the good care of the concession, more species of wild fauna are seen around the place. Get to know this paradisiacal place full of life connected with nature and remember, with your visit you help us to continue conserving Lake Huitoto.

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About Us

Commitment to the amazon

At Huitoto Lake Lodge we are committed to the conservation of the Peruvian Amazon and the preservation of this beautiful lake, which has a remarkable biological wealth, being an area of ​​refuge and habitat for different species of plants and animals. By promoting ecotourism and scientific research, we seek to care for and protect the 1,000 ha of concession that we have under our responsibility.

We love this place and care for it with passion. 

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